Painting the outside

As mentioned elsewhere, I chose the Epifanes two pot scheme for finishing – I hate to think what the total paint bill was, but I don’t expect any maintenance for a while

The base is the epoxy primer, which fills very well, and doesn’t really need sanding between coats, as long as you don’t leave it too long.

After the first coat, you should be able to see if anything needs filling/smoothing, after which a second coat is a good idea

By now, things should be looking good, with all the clinker lines looking smooth, ready for the topcoat

One thought on “Painting the outside”

  1. Dear John…great blog. A friend of mine and I are thinking of doing the same build and I wonder if you cold contact me? Your offer of the list of extra timber from Robbins would be very helpful, as would any other tips as we go along. You have given us inspiration…
    Best, Robin

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