Adding the rest of the strakes

The rest was quite quick. I managed to break the back of this job while madam was away in Italy. The only trick to learn is the bevel the edge of each preceding strake, to give a good overlap for the epoxy, while making sure there’s not to much step inside the hull. The belt sander was a boon here, but I’m sure a proper boatbuilder will use a plane.

Notice I’ve also made the skeg, which you have to do yourself – there is no pattern or template in the kit, so make a cardboard template to get the curve of the sole right.

If I had to admit to a mistake, it was screwing the strakes to Station 5 before the inner stem, which meant the curve was not quite so fair – I should have read the Oughtred book once more as he warns against this. But you’ve got to look hard to see it!

Now all that remains is to fair off the overlaps at the bow (belt sander again!) and fit/trim the previously laminated outer stem

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