Finishing the inside

After fitting the thwarts, the inside can now be finished. I decided to go for an off-white polyurethane for the bulk of it, to avoid too much glare while sailing. I used a darker grey above the seat riser. This gives a nice impression, and it breaks up the cockpit.

Finally, some grey non-slip adds the final touch.

3 thoughts on “Finishing the inside”

  1. Hello and congrats for your beautiful boat!

    I am non wood worker too, and I am building a Morbic 12 myself. I am quite amazed by the quality of the painting specially the interior of the boat. Could you please tell me in what order you painted the inside?
    I was thinking of applying the primer first, then varnishing the pieces I want to varnish and finally painting the boat with the color I choose. What do you think?

    Could you please tell me what brand and type or painting and varnish you used? Also, did wood essence did you take for the bench?

    That many questions, I hope I am not asking for too much!


    1. Hi Louis
      You should use primer on everything except the parts you want to varnish. I used Epifanes epoxy primer, and I also used that inside the buoyancy tanks (two coats).
      I used two-pack Epifanes polyurethane for the grey/white green, and I painted everything before starting on the varnished parts.
      For the varnish, I used International Perfection two-part polyurethane.

      I hope that helps, and enjoy the build!

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